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Secure Membership Areas for Trade customers, Groups and Associations

A2A provides secure members area (membership area) that you can administer, and that can only be viewed by those that you provide login for? Our secure members area allows the creation of 'hidden websites' providing a site for safe storage of information that you wish to share with members of your group or associates without being seen by others. 

You the 'administrator' edit and upload the information: text, pictures, pdf's, even add a Paypal shopping cart should you wish, pages are unlimited,  To add this secure members area to your website all you need to do is paste in the link that we supply or if you are an A2A customer we'll just do it.

Our 'secure members area' is designed for businesses, groups and associations, it does not generate separate or once only passwords.

A2A secure member areas is available from £100 per annum plus 'one off' design cost, usually £50. No annual fee to A2A Advertising web site customers. Reset of password annually is included otherwise £20 All prices + VAT.

Please call 015395 64486 or email