Google Street View

Adding logo to 360 image -  (A2A one already installed)
uses the apps Photo Director and APK Editor (installed on Andrews phone)

Pairing the camera with the app

Switch on the golf ball then hold down the menu button for a few seconds when it says gear manager press the top button. go to 360 gear manager and connect the camera with the app by pressing connect.

Open 360 Gear Manager

Go to gear 360

Select image by pressing it on the symbol in the middle of the image - it will then stitch the image so you can view it

Go back 1 and select save

Select share - find google street view (this should then open google street view)

Go to private on google street view

Tap the orange camera+ button in bottom right corner

Import 360 image

Select the correct image

Press on select then the image you are wishing to upload

Select the three dots and select pick a maps listing and find the correct area by typing the area/attraction in and selecting the correct one this should then take you back to the image

If the location isnt quite right select the image then the three dots and select Edit Location and drag the dot to correct location place

tick in the top corner

Press upload icon