As part of our internet services we provide SEO for business. SEO is "search engine optomisation", that is - attempting to place the website in such a position that it attracts the interest of viewers and customers under the correct phrase(s) required for the website.

Some usefull seo tools...

copy check

Google Maps get started

adwords keyword tool

Yahoo site explorer click here find out how many backlinks you have.


google verification

google analytics

  1. Go to google verification,
  2. click add site
  3. click Upload an HTML file to your server
  4. You can choose this option if you can upload new files to your site
  5. Click download the file - saves to your desktop
  6. At the same time go to googlesitemap creator enter domain name and download the sitemap
  7. go to the public html for the site and upload
  8. click verify on google verification and add sitemap (google finds it).


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