E-Commerce sites are easy to use for both you and your customer and ideal for online shop/businesses.

Unlike CMS websites, e-commerce sites allow you to upload as many products as you wish.

When you upload a picture of your product, the site automatically resizes it so you don't have to.

You can also manage how much you sell of an item in the back of your site.

Log In

To log into the back of your website enter your domain name followed by: /admin

For example www.yoursite.co.uk/admin

This will then take you the log in page.

  1. Enter your user and password.

The administration home page will appear.

Administration Settings

The ADMIN tab allows you to change the administrative parts of your site.

These are normally set up for you by us - and need no alterations.

Contact Page

Your contact page is generated by the administration page. Google! Maps need to be put on a different page - such as how to find us, which we normally do.


If your email address is to change or incorrect inform us rather than just changing it as there are other email links that may be affected by the change, including payment.Edit the Home Page Text

To edit the content on the home page.

  1. Hover your mouse over the Settings tab.
  2. Hover your mouse over System

Add/Edit the Information Pages

Information Pages:

For example,  about us, how to find us, faq's etc, usually displayed on the left of the website.

Your contact page is generated by the administration page.

To go to the information pages - hover your mouse over catelog and choose information]

to insert a new page

click insert

To edit a page

to change the order of the pages click edit and renumber.

to remove click selection box and delete

How to Edit Stock Settings

If a customer has placed an order for an item that is out of stock, you can make the site display an out of stock message on the shopping cart using the SHOW OUT OF STOCK.

To allow customers to still checkout items that are currently not in stock select yes for STOCK CHECKOUT.

Select yes for STOCK SUBTRACT this means the site will automatically subtract product quantity when an order is processed.

To Insert A Manufacturer

  1. Hover your mouse over the CATALOG tab.
  2. Click on MANUFACTURER tab.
  3. Click Insert:
  4. Enter the name of the manufacturer you wish to add in the MANUFACTURER NAME field.
  5. Enter the SEO keywords In the SEO KEYWORD, insert anywords that will help search engines to pick up on. For example, Nokia Mobile Phones 

 To Insert a Product

  1. Hover your mouse over the CATALOG tab and click PRODUCTS.
  2. Click the INSERT button.
  3. Enter the name of your product in the PRODUCT NAME field. For example, Nokia N95
  4. In the META TAG DESCRIPTION add any words that search engines use to describe the content of your product. For example, Nokia N95 mobile phone black
  5. Enter a full description for the product in the DESCRIPTION field. i.e Nokia N95, pack includes leads, cd, camera size is 10mpixels available in black, etc, etc
  6. THEN Click on the DATA tab
  7. Insert the unique model number or name of the product into the MODEL field. For example, Nokia 995 mobile phone black
  8. In the SEO KEYWORDS enter anywords that will help search engines find your site. For example, Nokia 995 mobile phone black

IMAGE is how you upload a picture to go with your product.

  1. Just click on the BROWSE button and that will open up your documents.
  2. Click on the image you want to use and click OPEN.
  3. Then your image will upload once you have finished and clicked SAVE.

To connect an item to a MANUFACTURER (Nokia, Samsung, etc) selected your desired manufacturer in the manufacturer field.

If the item is to be posted to the customer select "yes" in the REQUIRES SHIPPING field.

DATE AVAILABLE allows you to select when you want the item to show on the homepage.

Enter the number of how many of this particular item you have for sale in the QUANTITY field.

The OUT OF STOCK STATUS allows you to decide what the site will show for this item once you have have sold the same number of the item as you entered in the QUANTITY field. Choose from 2-3 DAYS, IN STOCK, OUT OF STOCK.

The STATUS  will determine if the product is displayed on the front of site.

The SORT ORDER  determines what order the products are displayed in. So if you want a certain item to appear at the top of the list enter 1.

If you want your items price to include taxes select "yes" for the TAX CLASS field. If not select "none"

Enter the PRICE of your product in the PRICE field. For example 100.00 (Do not use the £ sign)

Select what WEIGHT CLASS you wish to use. Choose from grams, kilograms, ounces or pounds.

Enter the weight of your of product in the WEIGHT field.

Setting the correct weight is very important as it may be used to determine the price of shipping.

Select which MEASUREMENT you wish to use. Choose from millimetres, inch or centimetres.

Enter the DIMENSIONS of the item. For example Length x Width x Height.

Select which categories you want the item to be displayed in using the CATEGORIES field.

Related Items

You can also make products RELATE to other products for example say you are selling a large mens black tshirt you can make it relate to large mens white tshirt and it will show on the RELATED ITEMS tab on the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PAGE.

How To Add Different Options

Sizes, colours, features, or any variation of the same product.

  1. Click on the OPTIONS Tab.
  2. Click the ADD button
  3. The OPTIONS tool is used for adding "drop down" menus to the product. This can be used for adding sizing options, colours etc.
  4. Enter the name of the option you wish to add in the OPTION field. For example Sizes
  5. Click on ADD OPTION VALUE
  6. Enter the name of the option value in the OPTION VALUE field. For example Large
  7. If the price varies for the different options (£2 more for a Medium than a Small), then enter the price in the PRICE field.
  8. The PREFIX detemines the option value price is added or subtracted from the main price.
  9. The SORT ORDER determines what order the option value appears in.

How To Insert Discounts

  1. Click on the DISCOUNT tab
  3. There are two types of discounts, quantity price breaks and special prices. Bolth discounts can be applied together.

Quantity Price Breaks

Quantity price breaks works by changing the price depending on quantity ordered.


Price: 100.00
Quantity: 5
Discount: 10
New Price: 90.00

Special Price

Special prices change the value of the main price to the new special price. You can set the start date and end date of the special price.

Click on the IMAGE tab

You can add additional images of your product here. Just click BROWSE. This will open up your DOCUMENTS. Select the image you wish to use and click OPEN. You can add as many images as you want here.

These images will appear in the image products tab when viewing the product information.

To Insert A Review

  1. Hover your mouse over the CATALOG tab
  2. Click on the REVIEW tab.
  3. Click INSERT
  4. Enter the name of the customer that wrote the review in the AUTHOR field.
  5. Select the PRODUCT they are refering to using the drop down menu.
  6. Enter the review TEXT.
  7. Enter the review RATING.

Review STATUS will determine if the review is displayed or not. Default status is disabled so administrators get can review the review before it is made public.


When a customer has registered you can see their details on this page:

If you want to enter a customer (perhaps they have let you know in person) so they can receive a newsletter.

Enter the first name of the customer in the FIRST NAME field. For example Joe

Enter the last name of the customer in th LAST NAME field. For example Bloggs

Enter the customers email address in the EMAIL ADDRESS field. The customer will use this email address to log in to your site when purchasing an item. For example joebloggs@example.com.

Enter the TELEPHONE NUMBER of your customer. For example 01234 5678910

Enter the customers FAX NUMBER. For example 01234 5678911

Enter the PASSWORD that the customer will use to log in. For example joebloggs123

Enter the password again in the PASSWORD CONFIRMATION field to check there are no errors. For example joblogs13  would not be accepted where as joebloggs123 would be.

You can decide if the customer will receive a newsletter from your site by using the NEWSLETTER field.

STATUS allows you to decide the  customer account status. If set to disabled the customer will not be able to login.


when customers have ordered you can see their order details here:

  1. Hover your mouse over the CUSTOMERS tab.
  2. Click on ORDERS
  3. To view the details of the order click EDIT and you will be taken to this page:

From this page you can send your customer an INVOICE after the purchase is complete by clicking INVOICE at the top right of the page.

This page also appears on the homepage of the back of your website.


Order statuses are used to define the status an order is currently up to.

  • Pending - When an order is made its status might be pending.
  • Processing - Once the payment has been confirmed the status might be set to processing.
  • Shipped - When the order is shippined it can be set to shipped.
  • Complete - If the order has arrived at its destination it can be set to complete.
  • Refunded - If the order is returned and refunded it should be set to refunded.
  • Cancelled - If for what ever reason the order is cancelled before being shipped the status could be set to cancelled.

You can add, edit and delete order statuses depending on your store needs.

NOTIFY THE CUSTOMER of the order status change and the order comments.

Uncheck to set private administrator comments that the customer will not see.

Add a COMMENT about the order. This is useful for tracking problems with orders.


To Insert A Category

  1. Hover your mouse over the CATALOG tab and click on the CATEGORIES tab.
  2. Click on the INSERT button.
  3. In the CATEGORY NAME section, enter the name that you would like to give your category. For example: Mobile Phones
  4. The META TAG DESCRIPTION is what search engines use to describe the content of your website. For example: 
    Sony mobile phones, Ericsson mobile phones, Nokia mobile phones, Samsung mobile phones
  5. The DESCRIPTION section is where you type the description of the Category. for example: We sell mobile phones and deliver nationwide etc etc


The PARENT CATERGORY allows you to make sub headings. For example - Mobile Phones - is the "PARENT CATEGORY"

A sub category would be, for example, Sony Ericsson

In the SEO KEYWORD, insert anywords that will help search engines will pick up on. For example  Sony-Ericsson-Mobile-Phone


This is how you upload a picture to go with your product.

  1. Just click on the BROWSE button and that will open up your documents.
  2. Click on the image you want to use and click OPEN.
  3. Then your image will upload once you have finished and clicked SAVE
  4. The SORT ORDER determines what order the caterories are displayed in.
  5. Click SAVE and that will save your text and images and will take you back to the CATEGORIES page

Mail to Customers

You can send emails to your customers through your site.

  1. Hover your mouse over the CUSTOMERS tab and click on MAIL
  2. Select who you want to send a email to. This can be done in two ways:
  3. Select the drop down menu next to TO. Select ALL CUSTOMERS to send the email to all customers. Or select ALL NEWSLETTER SUSCRIBERS to send the email to customers that have suscribed to the newsletter only.
  4. Enter the customer name or a letter of there name into the box next to SEARCH. For example enter J and click SEARCH and Joe Bloggs will appear in the box below. 
  5. Select the name and click the arrow pointing towards the box opposite. The names in the box on the RIGHT HAND SIDE are the customers who will recieve the email.
  6. Enter the SUBJECT of the email. For example Special Offers.
  7. Enter the text of the email into the MESSAGE field. E-mails from the Admin are sent in HTML format.
  8. Click SEND and your email has been sent. 

Things that go wrong

1 Image, product and category titles.

Must all be different.

Full title is preferable i.e Nokia 665 black,

2 SEO Keywords and Meta Description.

Make sure these are different for every product. If these are the same, you products will get recognised as the same item.

If they are recognised as the same product, the image and description of the items will change.

3 Image Memory Size

If you are having problems uploading your images it is probably because the memory size is to big.

To view the memory size of an image, go to the file where you have saved the image, right click the image and click on properties. You will see size: (for example 106KB)

If your memory size is larger than 40KB then the image wont upload. To change the memory size, resize the image, save it and try and reupload it. We reccommend you change the image size to 250 - 300 pixel width.