How to use a google calendar

  1. login click on logo - enter email and pass.
  2. Click create
  3. Type 'Booked' for example, then the dates.
    Then ensure you have the right calendar - in this case
    'Ann Tysons Cottage'
  4. Save


google verification

google analytics

  1. Go to google verification,
  2. click add site
  3. click Upload an HTML file to your server
  4. You can choose this option if you can upload new files to your site
  5. Click download the file - saves to your desktop
  6. At the same time go to googlesitemap creator enter domain name and download the sitemap
  7. go to the public html for the site and upload
  8. click verify on google verification and add sitemap (google finds it).

Create sitemap.xml

You might also use a sitemap generator if needed (linked above)  It is free but has a limit of 500 pages.

  • download the .xml file
  • Upload it into the domain root folder of your website.

Then open Google Search console and add your sitemap URL.

  • eg