The use of social networking

Though I have come here to talk about the role of social networks with regard to publicity of your organisation or activity, SEO (search engine optomisation) and social networks are linked together. As the search engines such as google give such importance to the link or feed from the likes of facebook, twitter and google +1 that goes to your website.

As part of a normal website setup we provide advice on setting up social networking, or we set facebook etc up for our customers. Though its not difficult, it does need setting up correctly.


Facebook is probably the most import and and easiest to use.

All you need to do is to create a facebook, community, business, group page. You don't have to have a facebook account but it helps.

So you create the page, add your groups details, add the website link and set permissions so it can be viewed but make it so that people can't write straight on it, but you can give admin to others in the group - this prevents abuse.

Invite friends and all to join.

An event a piece of news - anything can be shared instantly.

From an SEO point of view the Milnthorpe site jumped from p3 to no 2 or 3 because of facebook.

You dont have to have a webpage to have facebook.


Google +1 and google circles is the new social networking idea from google - you create an account/profile at google and apart from connecting to people, you can also recommend sites by clicking the +1 button either on the site or on the search results, the idea is that you are more likely to take a google search recommendation when you see that a friend has +1 a site or advert.

A2A as a matter of course adds the +1 button to new sites.

If you want a google account choose: +you at the top of the google search.

Twitter - is it just celebrity??

The rules are - no selling, its about sharing.

Be Personal, be transparent, be engaging.

This is possibly the least understood and possibly the most useful depending on what you do and want to push.

A2A on twitter.

You can see its set up - the bio with correct keywords - its searchable, so create a really good profile.

Then go and find people/businesses that you would like to receive info from and they will probably link back (follow) you too. You can also click on people that follow them and this is the quickest way to use twitter for SEO as suddenly you could have hundreds of followers and this is what the search engines are looking for.

Apparently the best way is to produce a blog and link it from there into twitter like this one. 

The idea is to build inbound traffic to your website, so we will for example blog - which will also help index a website.

Then link it in to your website and hopefully people will start to follow you and it will dramatically increase your indexing. Because google will see the activity as "people talking about you", especially if it is retweeted (sent out again).

Another reason to create a twitter account is that its messages are searchable so you can search to find out what people are tweeting about.

So - the use of social networks is to connect to people, you wish to inform, to connect to people you may wish to influence and to increase the optomisation of your website.