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A2A SMS has been designed to easily enable any business or organisation to profit from the vast potential and popularity of text messaging - for advertising, data capture and marketing in an easy to use format. Create accurate email and sms databases from your existing and new customer profiles

A2A SMS allows you to send text messages to any mobile phone, connected to any network, from the convenience of your computer wherever you may be connected to the internet.

Quick and easy to use our simple to use message window allows you to write and send text messages, you can send your customers the information you want - either to a single person or multiple messages, instantaneous, guaranteed delivery in about three seconds.

A2A SMS is a robust and reliable system that is designed to enable any business to profit.

We use UK business class messages.

Uses include

  • Promotional sms messages.
  • Loyalty messages
  • News messages
  • Credit control messages
  • Ticketing messages
  • VIP pass/entry messages
  • Appointment reminder messages

Set up and training takes minutes, you send out as your company name.

The system costs £199 + VAT, inc 2000 messages
top up messages are £80 + VAT per thousand.

The system is at

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