We use tables a great deal to align text correctly and to put titles under pictures.

  1. Select the table button, choose how many rows you want and how many columns.
  2. Border size 1, means you can see the table on the finished page. 0 means you can't.
  3. You can add and delete rows and columns by right clicking on the table.
  4. Align Left or Right as required.
  5. Leave caption alone.
  6. The width of the table depends on your page and what is going into it.

to insert another row or column right click in the table  
  to colour in the cell - right click choose, cell properties, choose background colour
When inserting a picture into a table do not put anything in the H space, V space or alignment.  
   If you want to see the table set border to 1
0 means you cant see it!
 Align left right or centre