Using Paypal Buy Now Buttons


Go to to set up a Paypal Account.

  1. Click Sign Up.
  2. Click Business and select Website Payment Standard. Click Continue.
  3. Enter your details and follow the on screen instructions. Your details have to be EXACTLY the same as your cheque book.

Once you have signed up, Paypal will add two small sums of money into your account that you have to verify.

If you already have a Paypal account. Log in to your account.

  1. Click on the Merchant Tools tab.
  2. Select Website Payments Standard and Click on Create an Add To Cart Button.
  3. Enter the details of the product you are setting the paypal button for. Click Customize Appearence and select Smaller Button.
  4. Click Create Button. Select the code and copy it. If you want to create another button for a different product,select Create Similar Button.


To insert the Paypal button on to your CMS website

Put your product details in a table.  In another row add xxx and centralise it. Save your page.

  1. Click on Source.
  2. Use control (Ctrl) and f to find the xxx in the code
  3. Highlight the xxx1 etc and remove it, and paste the button code there.
  4. Click save










This is what your page will look like once the Paypal button has been added









PAYpal shopping cart

1. organise your page like so beneath the product details, in tables, with price, size and model number, and with 'xxx1', 'xxx2', in a row below - centre the 'xxx1' and 'xxx2'.

300 x 100mm Self Adhesive Vinyl  £1.03p  OFP46
450 x 150mm Self Adhesive Vinyl  £1.14p  OFP54
600 x 200mm Self Adhesive Vinyl  £2.84p  OFP308

300 x 100mm 1mm Rigid Plastic  £1.20p  OFP46
450 x 150mm 1mm Rigid Plastic  £1.72p  OFP54
600 x 200mm 1mm Rigid Plastic  £4.21p  OFP308

xxx1 xxx2

2. login to paypal, choose - profile, my selling preferences - manage my payment buttons - click create new button

3. Title button , i.e 'Left Sign', then tick drop down, title the drop down i.e 'self adhesive', then copy and paste the details in to the options, put the price at the side, add further options if required. click done, Tick 'customise button', choose smaller button. Click create.

4. Select code and right click copy, further down on the page, click create similar button

5. Go to your website, press 'Ctrl' and 'F' on your keyboard, click source on the editor, type xxx1 into the 'find box', in blue below - in browser, delete the code (highlighted) xxx1 and paste the paypal code in, press save.

 delete the row above the paypal buttons when complete - so it should look like the below